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About Us



  Who We Are:
  Established in Winchester Massachusetts in 1982 by its two key Principals, Kenneth Rau and Pamela Rau, The Winchester Services Group relocated to the Research Triangle area of eastern North Carolina  in 2004 where it has been helping clients plan, manage and enhance the performance of the Information Technology (IT) function.  Today there are 3 key associates and over fifty colleagues in the virtual consortium that is The Winchester Services Group.
  What We Do:  
  The Winchester Services Group focuses on solving problems of IT strategy, image, performance measurement, communication and control for senior IT, functional and executive management.  
  How We Do It:  
  Proven methodologies exist in each of the service areas described below (or follow links at left).  These methodologies, which have evolved over numerous client engagements and in consultations with leading industry, consulting and academic experts, feature collaborative work breakdown structures, guides, tools and practice aids, which guide the project team in delivering services in a proven, consistent and efficient manner.  
  However, methodologies are seldom an entirely right fit for your circumstances.  Our Principals all have years of experience in applying the methods we use in various client situations.  Each has over twenty years of experience in consulting on the topic of interest to you and has usually had a hand in building and refining the methodology to be employed.  To them, the methodology is but a basic starting point from which to build and tailor the approach that is right for you.  
  Service Areas:  
  There are ten key service areas that are most often provided to clients of The Winchester Services Group.  These are:  
    1. IT Assessment:  Evaluation and benchmarking of the nine key IT performance areas.  
    2. IT Strategic Planning:  Development of an IT Vision, Strategy, Architecture and plan that is linked to the business strategy  
    3. The Project Office:  Design and establishment of a function for coordinating, standardizing, and auditing major development projects  
    4. IT Turnaround Services Remove constraints causing poor IT performance and dissatisfaction and return the function to a productive, contributing business function  
    5. Performance Management:  Identification, definition, prioritization, capture and reporting of performance indicators.  Establishment of function, department and individual performance reviews  
    6. Interim CIO Services Ensuring continuity of command and leadership of the IT function during periods of turbulence or uncertainty  
    7. The CIO Dashboard:  Development of the balanced IT scorecard and the selection, reporting and tracking of key performance indicators
    8. IT Marketing:  Design and establishment of a function within IT responsible for image, customer support, sales, and pricing of IT services
    9. IT Governance & Organization Design:  Review of the as is IT organization design and external governance structure, and design and implementation of a new structures consistent with the organization and ITs current needs and strategic direction  
    10. Outsourcing:  Review of existing sourcing decisions and analysis of cost and benefits of alternative sourcing solutions including total or partial outsourcing, insourcing, or co-sourcing.  Implementation support of vendor evaluation, selection, contract negotiation and conversion  
  Links to full descriptions of each of these services are provided to the left of this page.  
  About Virtual Consulting Groups:  
  The Winchester Services Group is a virtual consulting organization.  We are about providing highly skilled, experienced experts at very low rates.  Our associates are independent consultants who have worked with each other on projects over the years and who are familiar with each others' skills, specialties and strengths.  Only the best, most qualified resources are assigned to your project  
  Winchester Services Group associates are twenty-year-plus consultants who have worked for major Accounting and Consulting firms in the past as Partners, Directors or Senior Managers.  Being virtual means very low rates, overhead and encumbrances.  This means you get the full attention of the senior resources you saw at the bargaining table.  Our rates our typically one-third to one-half of what you would see from brick and mortar consulting organizations.  Suddenly, projects you could not afford to have done are affordable and delivered by resources you would have seen only infrequently after agreeing to proceed  
  Virtual consulting takes consulting back to what it was intended to be advice on your most difficult issues provided by experienced, leading thinkers on your problems and in your industry.  We look forward to working with you  

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