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Assessing IT Strengths and Weaknesses



  The Need: Provides answers to management's questions on how to:
    Identify IT cost saving opportunities
    Improve IT performance
    Improve customer focus and satisfaction
    Achieve agreement on acceptable service levels
  The assessment is conducted by a senior team of The Winchester Group Principals, using our proven methodology tailored to your circumstances and needs.  Typical steps performed during the assessment are:
    Interviewing company senior management in order to understand the industry competitive environment, the  business culture, direction, goals and strategy
    Conducting surveys or IT staff to capture skills and experiences
    Conducting surveys of users to capture satisfaction with applications and IT; and their awareness of technology
    Obtaining documents describing the technical infrastructure, IT organization and governance structure and status of control and measurement programs
    Interviewing members of the IT and user organization to confirm impressions obtained from other assessment techniques
    Comparing all collected information to industry norms and best practices
    Analyzing results for consistency and alignment and
    Preparing and delivering a final report describing assessment findings, conclusions and a set of recommendations for change
  In addition to generating short-, mid- and long-term recommendations for improving performance of IT, the IT Assessment serves as a baseline for understanding IT strengths and weaknesses; improving communication among technicians, users and executive management; and understanding the gap between existing technology capabilities and those needed to support the business.


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