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Success Story - The CIO Dashboard



  Client:  Major Financial Institution
  Project:  Project Benefits Realization Report Card



  This client's principle transaction processing application, processing millions of transactions a day, was twenty years old and had been built with technology now several generations out of date.  Growth in transaction volume required a batch processing cycle that threatened to exceed the length of  the daily processing window.  Replacement costs were estimated to be in excess of one hundred million dollars.  Prior to undertaking this effort, management wanted to reach consensus on the expected benefits to be received and provide for reporting on the actual benefits realized.
  Our CIO Dashboard service offering was modified to specifically focus on the identification, capture and  reporting of project benefits:
Interviews of technicians, customers and management were conducted to identify anticipated benefits
    Analysis of interview results identified five key benefit areas to be reported
Data sourcing considerations identified twelve different databases that had to be queried for the needed information
    Report card panels were designed to depict benefit results, trends and targets
Prototype reports were generated using actual data and report formats that presented pre-implementation values
Prototype results were reviewed with all stakeholders to obtain comments and gain consensus
The Benefits Realization Report Card was automated using a web-based analytical tool that collected data in real time and presented results on the corporate intranet
  Report Card results were presented at quarterly review meetings of the IT Oversight Committee.  The ability to drill down into the summary reports to understand cause and variations was used by both the Oversight Committee and IT.


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