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Success Story - Designing an Effective IT Organization



Client:  A Large Financial Institution  


  Project:  Redesign of the IT Organization and Creation of an IT Governance Structure
  During the design of a new IT strategy and architecture for this large financial annuities institution, management recognized the need to redesign the existing IT organization structure into a form capable of creating and better supporting the new systems and infrastructure.  Our preliminary analysis of the situation also recognized the lack of an effective governance structure to oversee and guide the implementation of the plan.
Interviews of existing IT staff and management, user and executive client management were conducted in order to capture and document the as is structure of the IT department and external structures used to govern IT direction and resources.
The as is structure was compared to industry best practices and the needs prescribed by the strategic direction of the business and IT.
A to be IT organization design and governance structure was created that was considered appropriate, efficient, practical and responsive to the immediate and long term needs of the client.
The to be structure was documented and presented sequentially to the CIO, the IT staff, executive management and the user community, along with a transition plan for migrating to the new structures
  A new Governance Council was created that was chaired by the CEO and populated by the heads of all major business units.  The CIO and manager of the newly created project office attended all meetings.  In addition to the new Project Office, the new IT Organization included a Chief Technology Officer and staff responsible for IT Architecture, Long Range Planning, Data Warehousing, Data Administration, IT R&D and E-Business, and a Customer Services department with representatives to each major business unit.


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  Designing an Effective IT Organization

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