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Success Story - Marketing IT Services



  Client:  Financial Annuities Group
  Project:  Establishing Account Executives


  User departments in the annuities group of a major financial institution were dissatisfied with the services they were receiving from their information services organization.  Departments felt they were in competition with each other for IT services.  Requests for changes and enhancements that had been carefully scheduled by a department to be included in quarterly releases of software were often found to have been slipped to the next quarter when the releases were rolled out.  IT resources that were scheduled to work on new product offerings for a department seemed to disappear to work on higher priority projects requested by others.
  After consulting with department heads, senior executives of the group and the group president, the CIO launched several initiatives designed to improve customer services.  The cornerstone of these initiatives was the decision to introduce Account Executives into each of the user departments to coordinate requests for services and ensure IT commitments were understood, managed and kept.

To ensure Account Executives would have the authority needed to succeed, Customer Services was established as a department reporting into the CIO.  A Vice President of Customer Services was appointed who served as both an account executive and the head of Customer Services.  The IT Steering Committee allocated funds to each user department to be used for their change requests and new product offerings.  These funds were released to systems development in IT by the Account Executives through the Project office.

  Users regained control of their information systems requests via the Account Executives.  With the combination of technical and functional skills possessed by the Account Executives, prioritization of requests and projects was established and customer satisfaction greatly improved.


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