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Success Story - Marketing IT Services



  Client:  Mortgage Refinancing Bank
  Project:  Conducting an IT Public Relations Campaign


  A rapidly growing mortgage refinancing bank was planning a major reorganization of its IT department to cope with growth.  A new layer of management between the CIO and existing staff was envisioned, as were several new IT departments including a project office and customer services group. 

The customer services group would be composed of account representatives that would serve as liaisons between IT and key departments of the bank.

A new steering committee composed of senior executives from each key department of the bank would be responsible for IT spending and project prioritization.

Rumors of the planned reorganization were spreading among current IT employees, who feared everything from demotion to outsourcing.

  A change management initiative was launched to explain the need for the reorganization, the nature of the new positions and procedures and the benefits to IT employees, the IT user community and the bank..  Bi-weekly briefings by IT and bank management were held to discuss details of the new organization as they were being finalized with employees.  Position and function descriptions were posted on the company's intranet as they were approved.

A monthly newsletter from the CIO to all employees was initiated.  In the newsletter, which included articles on project status, new technology and training schedules, were depictions of the new IT structure and discussions by the CIO of its features and functions.

  The rumor mill quieted.  While uncertainty and some grumblings could still be heard, these were supplanted by expressed interest and even enthusiasm for the new structure.  Inquiries about how to apply for jobs were received and the transition to the new structure occurred without undue turmoil.  By ensuring incumbents were well represented in newly created jobs and in the new departments, acceptance of the organizational changes into the day-to-day operations of IT occurred quickly.


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