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Success Story - Current State Assessment & Project Office



  Client:  Middle East Central Government IT Authority
  Project:  Assess Current IT Environment and Establish IT Project Procedures, Reporting and a Project Office


  The IT function of the government of a middle eastern oil-rich nation had successfully designed and implemented needed central authority information systems.  Observing these successes and having few technical resources of their own, ministries and cabinet secretaries began requesting the President to assign central IT resources responsibility for projects needed by their organization.  A resulting series of failed IT development projects resulted in the President calling for a review of methods, procedures and practices of the IT function.  Our review found an overwhelmed IT function without the governance structures, controls and communication protocols needed to be successful in the suddenly expanded environment.
  A new function reporting to the CIO was established, responsible for coordinating and standardizing all projects.  A standard system development methodology was implemented, as were procedures for project planning, tracking and reporting.  A project management training curriculum was established.  Project initiation procedures were implemented that matched demand with supply.  A governance structure was implemented that involved both central government and subordinate ministries in approving and tracking projects.  A series of periodic reports on performance of the IT function as well as projects were initiated, as was an initiative for development of a strategic IT systems plan.
  Consistency across projects and adherence to standards and procedures was institutionalized.  Projects that varied from plan were quickly identified and corrective action initiated.  Communication among projects was significantly enhanced, as was the reporting to management of summary project status, schedule and costs.


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