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Success Story - Turning Around a Troubled IT Function

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  Client:  Nonprofit Association
  Project:  Implement New Controls and Procedures


  A recent assessment of the IT function of this State Association of child-welfare agencies had identified a lack of effective controls and procedures.  We were asked to assist with the design and implementation of needed controls and procedures, including setting a new direction for IT.

On the day our work was to begin, we were notified that the incumbent CIO had resigned, and we were asked if our assigned managing partner would assume this position on an interim basis.

As the extent of IT issues facing the client came to be understood during the first few weeks of the engagement, the scope of the project expanded to include:

    Setting a new direction for IT
    Assuming interim responsibility for all aspects of IT, including:
        IT governance
        system design and maintenance
        network operations
        human resource management and counseling
    Design and implementation of new policies, procedures and controls
    Customer contact and communications
    Outsourcing of IT to a third-party contractor
  As a result of this year-long effort, a new direction for IT was identified by the IT Governance Council that resulted in the outsourcing of IT to a third party; counseling and outplacement of all IT staff; uninterrupted and improved stability, functionality and customer satisfaction with the existing IT software and service


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