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Success Story - Current State Assessment



  Client:  Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization
  Project:  Assessment of Current IT Environment


  Executive management, internal and external customers of this rapidly-growing, for-profit Contract Research Organization (CRO) were all critical of the capabilities of the existing application systems.  An evaluation of all aspects of the IT function was requested.
  We performed a complete assessment of IT.  The assessment began with interviews of senior management and key customers in order to understand business goals, direction and plans.  In parallel, all existing IT applications were identified.  Standard survey instruments were sent to users and technicians of the systems to understand satisfaction, strengths and weaknesses.  IT managers and staff were interviewed to determine skills and experience.  These, too, were documented with standard survey forms.  A management controls workshop was conducted with IT management to assess policies, procedures and controls used to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the function.
  Tremendous variation in customer satisfaction with existing applications was discovered.  Results were presented on a 2 x 2 matrix cross-referencing user satisfaction versus technical strength of each.  Applications in the lower-left quadrant where both user satisfaction and technical strength were low were ranked as the highest candidates for replacement.  Those in the upper-right quadrant were considered winners and were to be maintained.

It was also discovered that procedures and controls used by IT were, for the most part, adequate for the level of maturity of the department.  Some exceptions involving strategic planning, accounting and vendor management were identified as candidates to be strengthened.


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