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Success Story - Setting the IT Direction



  Client:  Integrated Circuit Manufacturer and Distributor
  Project:  IT Strategy and Change Management


  The arrival of a new CEO and CFO of this rapidly growing company quickly led to the realization that existing information systems were inadequate to the task of supporting the current business, not to mention where planned growth would take the company.  We were asked to provide assistance to:
    develop a Vision of the business
    develop a Vision of how the business will use technology in the future
    develop a process model of the business
assess the "as is" state of information technology, including:
      spending amounts and patterns
      functional and technical evaluation of applications
      organization and managements control of IT
IT skills
      User satisfaction and awareness
define the gap between the "as is" state and the envisioned state
    develop a migration plan for bridging the gap
The resulting plan and recommendations led to the development of a technical architecture, selection of an enterprise package solution, re-engineering of key business processes, implementation of a user help desk, development of a disaster contingency plan and the identification of an impending network bottleneck.


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