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  Client:  Public Utility
  Project:  IT Assessment


  This metropolitan water district was undergoing a top-to-bottom organizational transformation under the direction of new senior management.  As part of the transformation, the district was evaluating and re-organizing its information technology functions and, among other things, planned to centralize the various information technology resources that existed within the old divisional structure.  As part of this process, we were requested to perform an analysis of enterprise-wide information technology (IT) resources.  The analysis included an evaluation of all IT assets including hardware systems, software applications and personnel resources.  The engagement involved:
assessing the portfolio of IT hardware systems and software applications in use and planned throughout the district
assessing the skills of IT employees throughout the district against current and future skill requirements
evaluating financial data on the district's information technology, including historic and current spending, budget vs. cost analyses and comparisons to similar organizations
assessing existing and planned IT organization structures and management practices
identifying IT needs, resource redundancies and cost-saving opportunities
  The results of this process provided management with an independent evaluation of the district's IT resources, assisted management in completing the re-organization in an effective manner and established the required technological objectives to support or enhance business strategies.


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