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Success Story - Measuring Performance



  Client:  A Northwest County Government
Project:  IT Performance Measurement and CIO Dashboard




  The CIO of this County was interested in enhancing County management's understanding and appreciation for technology and how it could be used to improve County services.  After formulating a technological strategy for the County, we proposed to the CIO and County Manager the implementation of a technology performance measurement and reporting system.
  In order to create an IT Performance Measurement Program, the following steps were taken:
    Processes of the IT function were defined and mapped
    Each process was analyzed to identify its measures of effectiveness (quality of output) and efficiency (resource consumption per output)
    Data sources for each identified measures were analyzed to identify their source, availability, quality and currency
    These attributes  of each measure were then used to prioritize each measure in the dimensions of importance to achieving business objectives and ease of access
    Measures that were found to be both important and readily accessible became candidates for inclusion in an initial set of IT performance reports that were periodically reviewed by the CIO and staff

As part of this program, metrics were identified that best track progress toward achievement of the newly approved technology strategy.  These metrics were formulated into a single, graphically-oriented report that was presented to regular meetings of the County Supervisors.

  The IT Performance Reports were used by the CIO and staff to review and address performance issues.  The IT Performance Report provided to the Supervisors resulted in not only the desired involvement, understanding and feedback intended, but the Supervisor of Health Services was so impressed with the summary report that he directed a similar program be implemented in that department.


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