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Measuring and Managing IT Performance



  The Need:
  "You can't manage what you can't measure."  Ensuring IT goals, plans, projects and initiatives succeed requires a formal program of performance measurement that can track progress against objectives and report results to both providers and consumers of technology services.
  The Objective:  
  To establish an on-going program that translates IT strategy into an integrated set of performance measures so that IT's performance can become more closely aligned with the strategic objectives of the business.


  The program is established by sequentially identifying, defining, capturing and reporting on the actual values, trends and variance against plan of IT performance indicators.  Key performance indicators or KPI's are identified based on their ability to report on performance against objectives.  Reports are designed that present the actual values, trends and comparisons of high-priority KPI's vs. plan.  Performance review meetings are conducted and action steps initiated to correct performance.  
  Tracking performance is crucial to the success of IT strategies and the achievement of IT objectives.  A consistent view of performance tied to strategies, available to a wide audience, will more clearly communicate the value of IT to the business.  


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