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Creating the CIO Dashboard of Performance Measurement



  Seminar Description:

Understanding your organization’s investment in—and return on—information technology (IT) is key to managing business risk and deriving value from IT. The seminar will advocate that what is needed to do this is the routine reporting of IT results in an easy-to-understand format available through a readily accessible venue—the CIO’s “dashboard” of performance measures. 

To be effective, such a dashboard must be based on a solid foundation of Business and Technology Objectives, Critical Success Factors (CSFs), and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  The seminar will focus on techniques used to create the Dashboard including the Balanced IT Scorecard, the IT Process Model, the IT Value Proposition and the IT Performance Measurement Program. 

 Features and benefits of a comprehensive CIO Dashboard implementation are discussed, as are case studies and examples of successful dashboards developed by organizations.

  What Makes This Event Unique
Use of the Balanced Scorecard for IT Performance Management

The Balanced Scorecard model by Kaplan and Norton is widely used to set business objectives and identify performance indicators.  Organizations are now applying these concepts to the IT function in order to ensure linkage with business direction.  These organizations are finding that the payback in developing a balanced scorecard for IT lies in its use to identify key performance indicators tracked and reported on the CIO Dashboard.

Creating the IT Process Model to Identify Measures of Effectiveness and Efficiency 

Business process modeling has long been a technique used by System Analysts to understand the current state of a part of the organization to be automated.  By applying these same techniques to the IT processes of the organization, measures of effectiveness and efficiency of the function are identified and used to form the foundation of an IT Performance Management Program.

Establishing the IT Value Proposition

By creating a clear, compelling and consensus-based statement of intended products and services, IT departments are able to demonstrate a return on the organizations investment in technology.  Further, by ensuring that all projects, programs and activities defined in the IT value proposition are supporting business objectives, linkage between IT and the organization’s strategy is assured.  The CIO Dashboard is used to track and report on progress towards achievement of the value proposition.

The Performance Management Data Mart

To ensure the integrity of the IT Performance Management Program, “feeder systems” (e.g. ERP, application development, network monitoring), provide data to a Performance Management Data Mart used to generate IT performance reports and the CIO Dashboard.  The Data Mart provides the additional capability needed to produce IT functional reports, exception reports and alerts, and performance-based audit reports needed for real-time financial statements.

  Who Should Attend:
Ř Your organization's CEO, CFO, CIO and CTO  
Ř Members of the IT Steering Committee/Governance Council
Ř IT Line Managers and Staff
Ř Line of Business Managerswho are heavily involved in technology solutions
Ř IT Controller/Financial Analyst
Ř IT Project Managers, Project Teams and User Representatives
  Why Should You Sign Up?  
This is a unique opportunity to spend two days interacting with Kenneth Rau, who has researched, written books and articles, and spoken internationally on understand the importance of measurement to management. Through interaction and collaboration with Ken, you develop:
  • an understanding of the concepts and principles he has applied successfully in dozens of organizations,

  • how to tailor them to fit the unique business and strategy of your organization, and

  • how to develop the foundation of a consensus-based, organization-specific program of performance measures and reports.

As you listen to Ken’s experiences with best practices and reinforcing war stories, you and your team uncover what’s working and what’s not in balanced scorecard application, process modeling, business and IT linkage, and measuring and managing performance with a formal program – the CIO Dashboard of Performance Measures. By working interactively with your team, you are able to:

  • develop a consensus set of key performance indicators,

  • create the breakthroughs that result in innovation, and

  • gain new knowledge and understandings of organizational plans, programs and strategies, and how an integrated set of performance measures can contribute to their success.

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